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Many of the clients at Diamond G are sent by their physician for bursitis, back pain, tendinitis,  rotator cuff injuries, etc.  I am able to use Corrective Exercise, Human Movement Training, Massage and Therapeutic Taping to help clients move and feel better!  I meet my clients where they are at and focus on what they CAN DO to get them on the road to feeling stronger and healthier.

When it comes to weight loss, cardio is NOT the most efficient way to results.  Examining your relationship with food IS!  I am not a dietitian, dr. or nutritionist. While I cannot prescribe a diet for you, and I would never want any of the information I give to take place of any information given to you by one of those health professionals, I can offer education on mindset training, behavior modification, how the metabolism works, cravings and hormones.  Changing the dialog in your mind, habit training and a overhaul on your relationship with food is the key to getting results you can keep.  My programs can help you learn how to make an exercise and food plan which will work best for your lifestyle and body.

At Diamond G I work with ALL levels and abilities, ages, men and women as well as teens!  I offer a judgement free, motivating and supportive atmosphere where you can make REAL PROGRESS towards feeling better and my goal is to help you get results you can KEEP!



  • Training 60 min 1X per week - $125 paid monthly 

  • Training 45 min 2X per week - $150 paid monthly

  • Training 30 min 4X per week - $175 paid monthly

  • Small Group Training 1X per week - $75 paid monthly

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