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Whether you want to just get in shape and get moving, learn to have a better relationship with food or have chronic joint pain, the best results happen when you are in it for the long haul and stay consistent.  For this reason we try to keep our rates as low as possible and we charge on a monthly basis rather than hourly.  

  • Get Moving Package

    Balance, strength, flexibility, and burn some calories!
    • Two 45 minute training sessions per week
    • Use them doing what you love...
    • Weight lifting, pilates, kickboxing, stretching, HIIT, TRX..
    • SO much to choose from!
  • Massage Care Package

    Plan on reaping all the benefits of the relaxation response!
    • 75 minute massage 1X per month
    • lengthening areas stretching cannot get to
    • move toxins & inflammation out of the body
    • increase "mood lifters" for help with anxiety & depression
    • improve digestion
    • get a good night sleep!
  • Coaching Membership

    Every month
    Online Wellness Coaching
    • Online Coaching & Education
    • Food, Fitness, & Mental Wellness Coaching
    • Discounts for In Studio events & services
    • Workout videos, workout programs & body mechanics education